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How It's Made

I love making jewelry, and I hope that you will love what you've selected just as well - on many occasions and for a long time.


I construct the pieces meticulously and with the best components available. I choose each crystal, bead or stone for its sparkle, color and luster, as well as its durability.


For the rings and the woven or sewn bracelets I construct them using Fireline braided beading thread, a strong and durable fiber made of gel-spun polyethylene that can resist reasonable wear and tear, works well with all bead types and can hold up to six pounds. I also reinforce each piece as I go along, so each part has a double layer of the fiber as a framework, and give special attention to the clasp and the area around it, which gets the most use. These pieces are very intricate and often take many hours of labor. Each piece is unique; even two items using the same beads will be slightly different, as the product is handmade.


For strung necklaces and bracelets I use Softflex beading wire which is a a flexible beading wire made of multiple strands of stainless steel covered with nylon, that is as supple and pliable as it is strong. It can hold anywhere from 10-40 pounds depending on the thickness of the wire used. I always double-crimp the necklaces for added protection against breakage, and select a clasp that is both aesthetically pleasing and that will resist fading or changing color over time. These pieces are often one-of-a-kind, as the beads may only be available in limited quantities.


Suggestions for Wear

I strive to create jewelry that conveys a sense of elegance, luxury and sophistication, but this does not mean that it is intended for special occasions only. I specifically design to provide a desk-to-date wardrobe of versatile colors and styles that can be worn alone, or easily mixed with your existing pieces on a variety of occasions,  reflecting your own individual taste and style.


Care and Storage Instructions

The pieces are designed to resist reasonable wear and tear, but they are handmade, and as such should be handled with care. I recommend that you avoid getting them wet as this may stretch the Fireline fibers, and avoid direct contact with perfumes or lotions.


It is best to store them in a place that is dry and protected.


To learn more about the me or my creative process, please visit the Our Story|The Designer page, or the Our Story|The Inspiration page.

handmade beaded jewelry in motion
handcrafted beaded jewelry at artist's workspace
handmade jewelry at artist's workspace
handcrafted jewelry in progress


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handmade beaded jewellery
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